Language Word-a-thon Day, the first virtual marketplace for content creation in the Middle East, would like to invite you to the Ureed Language Word-a-thon Day to celebrate and the International Translation Day. Join us for a fun and informative day that will cover themes of translation, Arabic language, online content and insights on localization. The event will feature the translation competition, workshops, panel discussions and engaging competitive side activities.

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Language Word-a-thon Day

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September 29th, 2018


Youth x Hub(Emirates Towers)


10:00am – 5:00pm

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Language Word-a-thon Day

Educate and inform interested parties on the fascinating business of language and translation.

Assert the importance of balanced bilingualism

Raise awareness on the importance of learning and using the Arabic Language in an increasingly English-speaking World

Learn the importance of the Arabic language for business growth and success

Language Wordathon Competition

The competition is centred around the translation competition ‘the language Word-a-thon’ where we will invite students from UAE Universities to compete in the translation of segments of a book from Arabic to English. The competition will happen in real time and the competitors will be asked to translate the text in the first 3 hours of the day. An expert panel will be invited to set the criteria for the best translation and review all translated materials on the day and announce the winner of the competition.


Language Word-a-thon Day

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